Based on a study of your facility and requirements, we will prepare cleaning schedules and checklists.

We utilise both mechanised (like vacuum cleaners, scrubbers, glass-cleaning kits, high-pressure jet machines, etc.) and traditional cleaning methods for maximum effectiveness and benefit. We use only standard, branded, environment-friendly chemicals for cleaning. And we work in strict compliance with personal and property safety standards as per the chemical MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) requirements.

You can be sure that the right chemicals will be used for the right purposes—so the release of VOC (volatile organic compound) gases are minimised and indoor air-quality is maintained.

  • Staff training, deployment, work distribution and monitoring
  • Cleaning activities as per the schedules
  • Inventory of consumables and cleaning material
  • Checking of rest rooms' sanitary systems

Waste Management

We will ensure the proper disposal of waste generated in the facility. We will identify the authorised agency for waste collection and work out systems for segregation and disposal as per the norms. We will also give you guidelines on waste minimisation, packing and handling, hazardous waste disposal and so on.

  • Waste collection and storage
  • Waste segregation and disposal
  • Waste minimisation protocols
  • Hazardous waste management (e-waste)
  • Creating awareness of waste management


We look after all your indoor and outdoor garden and landscaping needs, so that your plants and greenery are at their healthy, luxuriant best all year round.

  • Watering and maintenance
  • Pruning
  • Lawn mowing
  • De-weeding
  • Manuring and nutrition
  • Pesticide / herbicide spray

Swimming Pool and Water Body Maintenance

We look after the cleaning, maintenance and operation of swimming pools, fountains, sumps, tanks and other water bodies.

  • Water treatment (back wash, chlorination, etc.)
  • Cleaning of algae and stains
  • Cleaning of tanks / nozzles / filters, etc.
  • Servicing of pumps and deep cleaning

Pest Control

Following a careful study of your facility, we develop appropriate pest-control management process. Our pest control measures have proven to be excellent at containing mosquitoes, cockroaches, houseflies, spiders, rodents and other common pests. We use only environmentally-friendly, low-toxic chemicals.

  • Identifying existing and potential pest problems / infestations
  • Pre-treatment clearing
  • Pest-control, using suitable chemicals
  • Post-treatment clean-up
  • Preventive measures / treatment