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Our integrated Technical Services approach lets you leverage a variety of services, including, Maintenance of Electrical Panels, UPS, Genarators, Air-Conditioning, Carpentry and Plumbing etc.,

Electrical Panels, UPS and Generator

Operations & Maintenance of equipments such as :

  • Transformer, UPS, Generators, Elevators, HT panels LT panels, Electrical DB’s and etc.,
  • Periodical Preventive Maintenance on basis of Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly and yearly.
  • Risk assessment and remedies.
  • Incident reporting, Root cause analysis and Permanent corrective action.
  • 24/7 Monitoring will be carried out for Energy conservations with out disturbing business comfort.
  • Training & Audits.

HVAC (Air-Conditioning)

  • Operation & Maintenance of Centralized Chiller units including pumps & VFD's.
  • 24/7 monitoring will be carried out for PAC’s, AHU’s, and Split/Package air- conditioners to ensure equipments the for proper operation.
  • Frequent monitoring will be carried out for maintaining the required temperature for Lab’s, Server rooms, Data centers, Hub rooms UPS rooms and in Workstation area.
  • Regular checking & periodic cleaning of airside equipment such as FCU, AHU and ventilation fans etc.,
  • Checking of fire dampers in ventilation ducts on regular basis by in-house team.

Carpentry and Plumbing

  • Repair and Maintenance of workstation pedestals, storage cupboards, key board tray and etc.,
  • Maintenance of door closers. Fixing or removing of Soft boards, Notice boards, Photos and etc.,
  • Maintenance of Domestic water treatment plant, soft water treatment plant and Sewage treatment plant.
  • Repair and Maintenance of Sanitary systems like removal of blockages in rest rooms, Urinal sensors and etc.,
  • Repair and Maintenance of valves, taps, joints, couplings and etc.,